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Hashrate rental and hosting services for multiple currencies including BTC and ETH

International Cloud Hashrate Platform

BitFuFu is a fast-growing digital asset mining service and a world-leading cloud mining service provider. BitFuFu has been invested by, and is the only cloud mining strategic partner of BITMAIN to date, the world’s leading cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturer.BitFuFu is dedicated to fostering a secure, compliant, and transparent blockchain infrastructure, providing a variety of stable and intelligent hashrate service solutions to a global customer base. Leveraging its expanding global mining facility network and strategic partnership with BITMAIN, BitFuFu enables institutional customers and digital asset enthusiasts to mine digital assets efficiently. With a robust business model covering cloud mining, miner hosting, and self-mining, BitFuFu is well-positioned to weather market volatility and facilitate the vertical integration of global digital asset mining industry.


Platform Sales Volume


Services Around The World

Development History – Major Events


BITMAIN’s strategic investment

BITMAIN’s strategic investment in the BitFuFu platform will further promote sustainable development of the mining ecosystem.


Customized services

BITMAIN assists BitFuFu in providing customized services to its business-end clients.


The launch of flagship mining rigs

BITMAIN’s flagship mining rig S19Pro will be used for selling hashrate on BitFuFu and its new mining rigs will be launched on BitFuFu first.


Million users

BitFuFu provides more convenient and low-cost mining products and related services for a million users.


A joint operation

BITMAIN’s Antpool will engage in joint operations with BitFuFu to offer stable hashrate services.


A strategic partnership with BITMAIN

BITMAIN and BitFuFu have officially reached a strategic partnership to jointly create a hashrate ecosystem. BITMAIN and BitFuFu will also engage in in-depth cooperation in fields such as mining rigs, mining farms, and hosting services.


A million-load mining farm

BITMAIN will provide BitFuFu with mining rig hosting services with its million-load mining farm.

Four Major Services

Mining Rig Hosting

Users buy mining rigs and one-stop hosting services. The ownership of the servers belongs to the users. In addition to receiving the mining output, the mining rigs’ price may also increase.

Mining Rig Rental

Users renting the mining rigs in the form of cloud hashrate can choose from two options: Full Revenue mode and Fast Cost Recovery mode, offering lower costs and faster cost recovery when compared with purchasing mining rigs.

Custom Institution Services

We offer custom services to institutions and key clients, including hosting services, rental services, and passive hashrate investments.

Miner Sales

Priority of BITMAIN Flagship Antminers supply to meet diversified customer demand.

Global Business Layout

BitFuFu cooperates with numerous selected mines in places like Canada, the United States, and Kazakhstan.
We have a comprehensive rating system that includes site compliance, power stability, quality assurance, the scale of the mining farm, and the fund guarantee to ensure the compliance and stability of the hashrate.
In addition, the platform sends operation & maintenance teams to the mining farms and monitors the mining situation.

Business Partnership

Global Mining Farm Resources

Global Mining Rig Cooperation

International Hashrate Supply

Hashrate Distribution

Mining Rig Selling

Team Members

The co-founder of BitFuFu is a successful entrepreneur and industry pioneer. Since joining the industry in 2011, he has established a keen understanding and insight into the blockchain industry.
Our team is comprised of members from industry-leading traditional financial institutions, internet giants, and blockchain unicorn companies. We have rich knowledge in the finance and technology fields.

Leo Lu


Leader in blockchain and finance industry. Former background from BITMAIN. Co-founder of BITMAIN's original cloud mining platform. Former Manager of Financial Market IT Department at a multinational commercial bank.

Alex Fan


Years of experience in first-line Internet research and development, worked in blockchain and internet giants.

Michael Woo


Years of Blockchain, Gaming & Telecommunication experience, expert in global marketing and publishing.

Carol Zhong


With more than 15 years of professional experience in mutual finance and e-commerce.

Business Partners