Within the 6-month warranty, the repair cost will be paid by Antminer

Hashrate TH/s
Power W
Energy Ratio J/T
Mining Pool

Mining Rig Price$

Estimated Starting TimeEstimated (UTC/GMT+0)
Electricity Fee
Management FeeNo management fee will be charged before cost is recovered. After recovering the cost, 30% of the net BTC output will be charged as the service management fee.

Product Introduction

Cost Summary

Service/ProductPayment MethodPrice

Payment Method

1. Please complete the payment by 20211127(UTC/GMT+0).

2. Estimated time of launch: 20211127(UTC/GMT+0).

Purchase Rules

1. The pre-sale period for this batch will be 0 days. The minimum purchase quantity requirement is 1.

2. A part of the power outage and repairment cost will be shared for every supercomputer server batch. The profit will also be shared.

End of Hosting

1、Unless there are rules specified by BitFuFu, under the following situations, BitFuFu has the right to terminate the hosting service and commence liquidation:

a) The 30-day output of the hosted mining rigs is insufficient to cover the electricity fee or the electricity portion is higher than 50% for 7 consecutive days.

b) The machine room is out of service due to reasons such as site, power, and network for over 180 days.

c) You/the user speaks negatively about the platform in a public forum or posts negative opinions about the platform on social media channels such as WeChat and Weibo.

d) Other situations in which BitFuFu believes hosting services need to be terminated.

Upon termination of the hosting service, the liquidation process is subject to BitFuFu’s rules.

2、Within the [same calendar day (HK Time)], if you/the user participates in the batch and more than 50% of the users submit an application to terminate, you/the user can terminate the hosting service and request to commence liquidation. If the user/you request to terminate the hosting service, you must submit the application via the form specified by BitFuFu. If the user/you fail to submit the application or submit a late application, it shall be deemed that you/the user have authorized the platform to sell the mining rigs at the market price.

3、When terminating the hosting service, BitFuFu will charge 30% of this agreement’s remaining mining rigs as its liquidation service fee. For the remaining mining rigs, the user/you can opt to:

a) Authorize BitFuFu to sell them

b) Pick them up by yourself

4、When paying the liquidation service fee for this batch of mining rigs, if the total cannot be divided evenly, the remaining amount will be paid to you at 70% of the mining rigs’ market price (at the time of hosting service termination) and BitFuFu will retain ownership of the remaining mining rigs.

5、If you/the user choose to pick up the physical mining rigs by yourself, you/the user must follow the rules specified by BitFuFu and pay for the transportation or other fees related to the pick up og the physical mining rigs.

Mining Rig Information

Mining Rig Specifications

Mining Rig Model
Encryption AlgorithmSHA256
Rated Hashrate(TH/s)
Power (W)
Energy Ratio (at 25 Degrees Celsius Environment Temperature,J/TH)

Mining Farm Information

Mining Farm Introduction

Mining Rig Stability

TypeRating DetailsScore
Number of Power OutagesThe score is 0 if the mining farm experiences power outages 15 times or above due to the mining farm itself;
The score is 5 if the mining farm experiences power outages 10 times due to the mining farm itself;
The score is 10 if the mining farm experiences power outages within 5 times due to the mining farm itself;
Electricity RatingElectricity Stability = Mining Rig Operation Time / Total Time
Mining Stability ≥90% = 10
Mining Stability ≥75% = 5
Mining Stability ≥60% = 5

Risk Clause

1. You/the user understands that the products and the blockchain industry are associated with the following risks. You/the user volunteers to take responsibility for possible losses:

a) There are regulatory risks associated with the industry. Due to factors such as regulations and policies, the price of blockchain currencies may fluctuate (or drop to zero) greatly at any time. It is possible that blockchain currencies cannot be converted into actual currencies.

b) The network hashrate may greatly increase and the product’s output may greatly decrease.

c) The products are associated with risks such as operation damages, accidental damages, transportation damages, and transportation loss.

d) Accidents such as power outages and network disconnections may occur in the machine rooms, which may result in products being shut down.

e) The machine rooms may be out of service due to force majeure. The products will be relocated to other machine rooms and their operation may be terminated for a certain period.

f) The risks of machine room shortages and electricity fee fluctuations.

g) The risks of hackers or viruses invading the network, causing the service to be terminated, data to be lost, or identity being stolen.

h) Currency risks. If the purchase fails due to insufficient stock or other reasons, BitFuFu will issue a full refund. When refunding, the paid total in USD is the total refundable amount. The refund will be issued in the original currency based on the currency exchange rate at the time of refund.

[BitFuFu will take actions to minimize losses. Depending on the situation, BitFuFu may submit the description of the risk or accident and the corresponding proof to you/the user. BitFuFu will attempt to restore the normal operation of the product as quickly as possible.]

2. The risks related to the products and blockchain industry (“industry risks) listed in this Risk Clause are not exhaustive. In the future, there may be other risks that will stop you/the user from earning revenue, cause financial loss, or terminate our services. BitFuFu is not responsible for any damages or liabilities caused by potential industry risks.

3. If BitFuFu is unable to fulfill its obligations under this agreement due to force majeure, BitFuFu is not responsible for any damages or liabilities caused by force majeure.