unit price:$
Estimated Starting Time
Electricity Fee$undefinedT/Day
Hosting Fee30%
Repairment FeeA six-month warranty

Product Introduction

Batch Details

Payment Method

1. Please complete the payment by 20210916.

2. Estimated time of launch: 20210916.

Purchase Rules

1. The pre-sale period for this batch will be 0 days. The minimum purchase quantity requirement is 1.

2. A part of the power outage and repairment cost will be shared for every supercomputer server batch. The profit will also be shared.

End-of-Hosting Notice

The platform has the right to end the hosting service and settle the final amount under the following circumstances:

1. When the output of the product is too low to pay for the electricity for 30 consecutive days or when the electricity cost exceeds 50% of the output for 60 consecutive days

2. When the server room becomes unavailable for a long period due to force majeure like power and network outages.

3. If the user spreads negative comments of the platform in public or social media like WeChat and Weibo.

4. Other platforms think that the hosting service needs to end.

During the final settlement, the platform will list the market price of the used product. Users can ask the platform to sell the remaining products according to the market price or pick up the products and pay the hosting service fee to the platform based on the market price.