ANTMINER S21 Already for Mining

Leading energy efficiency 17.5 J/T, 188T.
$20.5/T, start with 5 units.
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Low-Priced Ordering
Miner price $20.5/T, $3,854 per unit after the event discount.
The Most Powerful Miner
Efficiency of miners is absolutely leading, only 17.5 J/T.
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The miners are listed; start mining immediately upon forming a group.
High-quality Mine, Safe Custody
Secure BITMAIN’s cooperative mine slots and enjoy efficient operation and maintenance services.
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Leading energy efficiency, only 17.5 J/T
The world's top rated BTC miner with a hashrate of 188T
Product Description:
The miners are jointly hosted at the mining facility provided by BitFuFu. Miners under the same co-hosting plan will collectively bear the costs associated with power outages, maintenance, and share mining rewards. You can exit co-hosting plan and retrieve your miners.
Miner Price:
Co-hosting Fee:
The unit price is $0.079/kWh, which is deducted from the mining output.
Other Cost:
$376/unit, including freight, customs clearance fees, tariff, listing fees.
Exclusive Offer:
$100 OFF Each Unit
Fees Breakdown
Miner Price: $3,954 per unit. Additional $100 per unit discount on the event.
Hosting Fees: The unit price is $0.079/kWh. It is deducted from the mining income and you do not need to pay it in advance.
Other Costs: $376/unit, including freight, customs clearance fees, tariff, listing fees. BitFuFu is responsible for all aspects of mining and transportation to listing.
Other Taxes and Fees: Sales and use tax, personal income tax, and property tax are to be self-declared and paid by the user in accordance with local tax laws and regulations.
Insurance Premium: 1% per year, deducted from the mining output.
Maintenance Fees: The manufacturer provides a 12-month warranty period starting from the date of shipment; after 12 months, it will be subject to the actual maintenance situation and will be deducted from the mining income.
Exit Fees: Including mine removal, miner transportation and other expenses, which are subject to actual expenses.
Purchase Miner & Co-hosting Process
May 15, 2024, this batch of ANTMINER S21 miners has been set up, and we are launching a group purchase event for miner hosting.
May 15-31, 2024, place your orders and make payments to lock in your ANTMINER S21 miners. You can view your orders in "Miner Purchase - My Orders."
June 3, 2024, once this batch is sold out, we will initiate co-hosting mining. Miners in the same co-hosting batch will share the costs of power outages, maintenance, etc., as well as the mining profits.
Institutional Clients Benefits
Institutional Financing Solutions
Institutions collaborating with BitFuFu offer financing solutions, allowing you to secure a miner loan for up to 50% of its total value.

Customized Products and Services
For bulk miner purchases, feel free to contact us to discuss customized plans for better pricing and solutions.

Consultant Contact Information
Telegram: christan2022
Email: [email protected]
1. As specified in BitFuFu terms of use, once an order has been paid, it is unchangeable and non-refundable.
2. BitFuFu will not be responsible for any results that arise from uncontrollable risks, including but not limited to natural disasters such as floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides, fires, storms, other unforeseen or higher risk weather events, government actions or directives, city-level grid power supply incidents as well as social actions or conflicts such as war, strikes, riots, etc.
3. The actual delivery time of the miner is based on BITMAIN, and BitFuFu reserves the right of final interpretation of this sale.