S19 XP

  • 140TH/s
  • 21.50J/T
  • 3,031.50W

    S19 XP 150DAYS

    Full Revenue

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    Total Price:$188.67

    Product Introduction

    Static Output Analysis

    Static Breakeven Days132Days

    132 Days
    150 Days
    Static Breakeven DaysPlan Duration

    Static Output Ratio113.89%


    First Day Payment


    Mid-term Payment



    0.00715500 BTC


    Net Output

    Duration Static Output

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    Reference Price


    Current BTC price: $56,081.63

    Risk Note: The above estimation is based on your purchased products, reference currency price, the current BTC network difficulty for static estimation, and unaccounted for the halving of BTC mining rewards.. Results are for reference only and subject to changes due to market fluctuations and BTC price changes. BitFuFu does not guarantee the accuracy of the estimation.

    Product Details

    • Package Type

      Full Revenue

    • Currency


    • Plan Duration

      150 Days

    • Hashrate Fee


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    • Revenue Address

      Personal Wallet



    1.As specified in BitFuFu terms of use, once an order has been paid, it is unchangeable and non-refundable.

    2.BitFuFu will not be responsible for any results that arise from uncontrollable risks, including but not limited to natural disasters such as floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides, fires, storms, other unforeseen or higher risk weather events, government actions or directives, city-level grid power supply incidents as well as social actions or conflicts such as war, strikes, riots, etc.

    3.Hashrate fluctuation is inevitable. BitFuFu will not be responsible for fluctuations caused by unstable networks, network failures, miner performance, etc.

    4.Static Output was calculated statically by the current difficulty, which fluctuates with the market. It will be lower or higher when the difficulty rises or drops. Thus, it is for reference only, and BitFuFu will not make any commitments or promises on output.