S19i Mining machine
Energy Ratio:34.50J/TPower:3050.00W
Hashrate Fee $ 0.1538/T/Days
Electricity Fee$ 0.0499/T/Days
Service Charge$ 0.0046/T/Days

S19i 360days

Price$ 2876.15
Package Type Acceleration
Static Revenue Rate 102.37%
Share Ratio60%
Sold out

Product Introduction

Plan Specifications

  • Package Type:Acceleration
  • Currency:BTC
  • Plan Duration:360 days
  • Valid Time:--
  • Hashrate Fee:$0.1538/T/day
  • Electricity Fee:$0.0499/T/day
  • Service Charge:$0.0046/T/day
  • Share Ratio:60 %
  • Miner Models:S19i
  • Power:3050.00W
  • Energy Ratio:34.50J/T
  • Mining Pool:AntPool
  • Payment Method:Daily
  • Revenue Address: My Balance
  • Electricity Fee:Pay for 10 days when purchase, subsequent such costs will be withheld from your account balance.

Hashrate Analysis

The Antminer S19 series produced by Bitmain offers the latest flagship miners. With the most advanced 7nm chips, high-efficiency PSUs, and cooling solutions, the energy-efficiency ratio of S19 miners has been greatly reduced.
As a flagship miner, S19i’s hashrate fee is relatively higher – however, its extremely low energy-efficiency ratio reduces energy consumption and the electricity cost is lower than other miners.
S19i has 3 advantages:
(1)High daily net output: Daily Net Output (T) = Daily Output – Daily Electricity Fee. The lower the electricity cost, the higher the daily net output (T).
(2) Low shutdown price: When the currency price drops, the daily electricity cost will be higher than the daily output. When this happens, the miners need to be shut down to avoid losses. The lower the electricity cost, the lower the shutdown price.
(3)Strong difficulty resistance: When the difficulty increases, the output will decrease. If the daily electricity cost is higher than the daily output, the miners need to be shut down to avoid losses. The lower the electricity cost, the stronger the difficulty resistance.

Historical Output Analysis

Plan Duration
Static Breakeven Days
360 days
177 days
Based on over one month's currency price and mining difficulty
  • Historical Mining Output:$ 6546.6
  • Static Revenue Rate:102.37%
  • Historical Mining Price:$ 27865.85
  • Historical Annualized Output Rate:102.37%
  • Historical Cost Recovery Days:177Days


1.As specified in BitFuFu terms of use, once an order has been paid, it is unchangeable and non-refundable.

2.BitFuFu will not be responsible for any results that arise from uncontrollable risks, including but not limited to natural disasters such as floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides, fires, storms, other weather events that can be assessed at the unforeseen or higher, government actions or directives, city-level grid power supply incidents as well as social actions or conflicts such as war, strikes, riots, etc.

3.Hashrate fluctuation is inevitable. BitFuFu will not be responsible for fluctuations caused by unstable networks, network failures, miner performance, etc.