Miners with 30J/T of average power ratio

Historical mining price:$28466.99

Hashrate Fee/T/Day:$0.1389Electricity Fee/T/Day:$0.0462

The platform electricity charge is unified as:$0.0641/kW.h

BTC-30系列 90天

$129.71$136.29 5.00%off Price description
Package Type Classic mode
Static revenue rate 18.78%
Historical mining output $193.67
Plan Duration90 days
Sold out
Static Output

Static Breakeven Days75 days

Plan Duration
Static Breakeven Days
90 days
75 days
Static revenue rate: 18.78% (90 days)Annunal revunue rate: 75.12%.
Based on current bitcoin price and mining difficulty.

Through efficient hashrate allocation center and smart matching backstage, BitFuFu package multiple models with similar energy efficiency ratios like S19 Pro, S19 into 30 series of standardized hashrate products.

S19pro 97% S19 3%

90 days plan Hashrate Fee Comparison($/T/D)







90 days plan Electriciy Fee Comparison($/T/D)







Hashrate fee of 30 series products is more expensive than the other two series (40 series and 50 series). However, its electricity fee is the cheapest among three series owning to low power consumption.

1. High net output:Because of the cheapest electricity fee, the net output (mined BTC amount) of 30 series miners will be more than that of other models in the market. (daily net output = daily mining output - daily electricity fee)

2. Strongest ability to cope with mining difficulty:When mining difficulty rises sharply, although mined BTC amount decreases, the net output is still more than that of other series owning to its lowest electricity fee.

3. Strongest ability to cope with bitcoin price changes:Thanks to lower electricity fee of 30 series miners, when bitcoin price declines sharply, its daily output of miners can still cover electricity cost in comparision with other series. So its miner shutdown price is the lowest and output is positive.

  • 1. Suitable for users who are willing to hold the hashrate for a long time and intend to get bitcoin at a lower price.
  • 2. Suitable for users who pursuit balanced return.