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BitFuFu Trial cash: A New Trail on Cloud Mining

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What is trial cash

Trial cash is a special mining experience fund launched by the BitFuFu platform, also known as mining trial cash. It can be understood as mining experience points issued by BitFuFu, providing new users with a free opportunity to get started with mining and enjoy the profits from the experience.

Purpose of Trial Cash:

The purpose of trial mining products is to provide entry-level products for cloud mining. The purpose of trial cash is to allow users who are unfamiliar with cloud mining to experience it at zero cost, understand the working principles of cloud mining, the mining output process, and at the same time, obtain some real mining output profits at zero cost.

Newly registered accounts default to $1000 in trial cash, and after using trial cash to purchase trial mining products, completing KYC certification within 24 hours can double the trial mining income. Trial mining income can be used to purchase high-yield products for new users on the platform, and the mining product output is directly transferred to your personal wallet, becoming real cash.

Let's understand the process of using trial cash and how to double the trial mining income together.

Step 1: Register Platform Account

Register a BitFuFu platform account, where you will receive $1000 in trial cash and $258 in coupons by default, to start your journey in digital assets.

Register a BitFuFu account: https://www.bitfufu.com

Step 2: Purchase Trial Mining

Use the default $1000 trial cash in your account to purchase trial mining products, without any authentication or fees. This is your ticket to mining, with zero investment and no risks.

Trial product link: https://www.bitfufu.com/free/detail/F202309267139923

Step 3: Double Reward, Complete KYC Certification

Within 24 hours of purchasing trial mining products, complete KYC certification, and the platform will reward you with an equal amount of trial mining income, doubling your trial income.

KYC certification link: https://www.bitfufu.com/dashboard/kyc/kycBase

Check Trial Mining Income

During the trial mining process, you can view the output of cloud mining. After the 24-hour trial mining period expires, the platform will reclaim the trial mining cash, while the trial mining income will belong to you.

Using Trial Mining Income

The income generated from trial mining is deposited into your BitFuFu account in the form of FuFu Earns points, which can be used to offset investments in platform mining products. This income is equivalent to cash, allowing you to purchase more cloud mining products on the platform, with mining output directly transferred to your personal wallet, equivalent to withdrawing trial income.

Recommended Basic Mining Products: https://www.bitfufu.com/list?goodType=0

The trial cash provided by the BitFuFu platform offers you a zero-risk, high-return opportunity to experience cloud mining. With no upfront investment and no worries about losses, just three simple steps will allow you to experience the advantages of cloud mining and earn substantial profits from it. Whether you are a novice or an experienced miner, you will find new investment opportunities in BitFuFu's trial cash.

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