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We offer a completed cloud mining solution that save the hassle for "Purchase - Transport - Hosting - Maintenance" of the devices.

Easy BTCRookies‘ Choice

One-click and gain BTC daily, all inclusive.


Pro Mining

Sophisticated mining strategy with partial service fee payment available.

  • Listing Time


  • Hashrate

    104 TH/s

  • Energy Ratio

    34.5 J/T

  • Power

    3250 W

  • Price

    $ 3000~4000 /Miner

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  • Brand Advantage

    With the strategic investment from Bitmain, we established in-depth cooperation in fields like miners, miner rooms, and miner maintenance.

  • Supply Advantage

    With the first-hand flagship miners from Bitmain, we can meet your diverse needs.

  • Price Advantage

    Competitive wholesale prices.

Miner Hosting Procedure

Cloud Hosting Process

Miner Hosting

Personal-owned miners and miners bought from the platform can all be hosted by BitFuFu's mine, which is operated and maintained by professionals 24/7. Hosting service fee (including electricity fee) service is $ 0.075 - 0.085 / kWh. While receiving the mining output, you will also profit from the miner's price increase.

  • Custom Hashrate

    Finely designed by professional teams. Customized and stable hashrate to get a higher output

  • Output Hedging

    Hedging services provided by the partners approved by the platform. Ensuring the safety of your assets.

  • Customized Server Hosting Solution

    Provides one-stop full-service for crypto investors

  • Consultation Services

    Learn more about the institutional solution to meet your differentiated needs. BitFuFu will serve you wholeheartedly


BitFuFu, invested by Bitmain, is a fast-growing pioneer in digital asset mining and cloud-mining services. As the only strategic partner in the cloud-mining services of Bitmain worldwide, we are dedicated to providing a secure, compliant, and transparent blockchain infrastructure with various stable and intelligent digital asset mining solutions for our global users.

  • supplier

    Strategic Partnership With Bitmain

    Joint launch sales and supply of the latest mining machines.

    In-depth cooperation in miner, plant, maintenance, etc.

  • supplier

    Top Mining Resources

    Hosting Capacity 200MW+

    Miners Under Management 70,000+

  • supplier

    Top Hashrate Service

    Hashrate Under Management 7EH/s+

    Sales Amount $100,000,000+

  • supplier

    International Cloud Hashrate Platform

    12+ Global Mining Farms in Several Countries

    100+ Countries Service Coverage

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