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We focus on providing superior
mining services for everyone
with world-leading mining resources.


BitFuFu offers its users a
one-stop cloud mining and mining rig hosting
service. You can earn more revenue at a lower cost


With world-leading mining rigs
and mining farm resources, BitFuFu offers
its users convenient, stable, and cost-effective mining services


On BitFuFu, you can resell
the hashrate you have purchased
and monitor your real-time mining revenue

Cloud Mining

Rent mining machines to get more computing power at low cost

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Mode introduction

Through intelligent allocation and matching, it provides users with mining machine rental products and services, and users can get bitcoins by placing an order with one click

The difference between classic mode and accelerated payback

In the classic mode, you will get all the output of the mining machine in the entire cycle;In the accelerated mode, you can recover costs faster, and after recovering the costs, you will get the output of the mining machine proportionally.

Mode introduction

Mining machine hosting is a one-stop mining machine hosting service provided by BitFuFu to users.In addition to the huge purchase price, you can also enjoy a one-stop solution including services, such as the purchase, transportation, operation, maintenance and repair of mining machines.

Features introduction

Safe and risk-free: the output will be sent to the user's personal address, and the process is safe and transparent· Sharing after cost recovery: The platform does not participate in the sharing before the user recovers the cost, but the platform will jointly bear the risk· User rights protection: The platform signs a written contract with the user, and provides a 6-month warranty for the mining machine

  • Custom Hashrate

    Finely Designed by a Professional Team Custom Passive Hashrate Gets Stable High Output

  • Output Hedging

    Focuses on providing multi-strategy hedging services for all kinds of corporate customers and major retail customers to protect your assets

  • Customized Server Hosting Solution

    Provides one-stop full-service for server investors

  • Consultation Services

    Learn more about institutional service details to meet your differentiated needs BitFuFu will serve you wholeheartedly


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